Travel is life.

Travelling is something that I want to do with my life. How I wish I’m just like other people who were born rich or if only travelling is free, for sure, you’ll never see me in just one place. And if I could just spend my whole time in travelling, I’ll definitely do it. But that’s life, I have to work and earn money for myself. Maybe I can’t visit other places as easy as others can do, at least I still able to travel little by little.

I started travelling in different places both local and international since last year, and it was my birthday celebration. From there, I realized that there’s something in me that I discovered – being adventurous. Learning and trying something I’ve never done before is already part of my travelling and that’s really excites me.

There’s advantages you can get in travelling. First, you’ll get to relax and have fun especially when you’re having a hard time. It refreshes your mind, your body and even your soul. Second, you’ll learn how to plan and budget. If you’re on a Do-It-Yourself trip, you’re responsible to prepare everything for your trip. Third, you’ll build a good relationship and/or meet new friends. This is a chance to spend quality time with your partner, bonding with your family and catch up with your friends. It’s also a chance to meet new friends with the same passion of yours. Fourth, you’ll learn to appreciate. Valuing the beauty of nature, different places and people who’s with you every time you travel.

Why travel? Simply because it’s an experience that you’ll be reminded for the rest of your life. A memory of full of happiness that no one can take it from you.


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