Enchanted waterfalls in Laguna

Bukal falls is located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Brgy. Bukal, Majayjay, Laguna. It is said to be one of the enchanted falls in Laguna because of it’s refreshing and crystal clear water directly from the mountain.

I’ve been planning to go somewhere to enjoy and have time for refreshments. Since I’ve been seeing Bukal falls over the facebook and also, my boyfriend kept on sharing about it, I decided to visit and see the so-called enchanted falls in Laguna.

We arrived in Bukal falls around 8am, a 2hr drive using a single motorcycle from Binan, Laguna. Yes, we only used a motorcycle going to Majayjay. My apologies if I can’t help you with transportation expenses going to Bukal Falls.

So, when we arrived in Brgy. Bukal, we paid Php 20.00 for environment fee, Php 300.00 for tour guide fee and Php 20.00 for parking fee. Everyone must pay for the tour guide because it seems to be considered as source of income of the people in Brgy. Bukal and also, they will help you to look after your things while you’re enjoying the falls.


Prepare yourself for a 30 mins. hiking going to Bukal Falls. This is not just an easy hiking but a challenging one. It was a very tiring experience because you have to deal with up and down narrow and steep path. Especially for me, who’s a 2 months pregnant that time. I know I’m not allowed to do such tiring adventure but since I really need some time for refreshments, I still did it. I don’t encourage preggy women to try this kind of adventure because it’s too dangerous.

But after all the challenging hiking going to the falls, I must say everything was worth it.


I love the cold and crystal clear water. It was a refreshing falls. According to the tour guide, its water never gets dark because its directly comes from the mountain and it flows continuously. You’ll really enjoy the falls.





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April 30, 2017

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