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8 Things you must know when travelling…

Are you planning to go on a trip with your partner, friends, family or by yourself? I know most of you are thinking too much on your activities, picture taking, views, outfits and a lot more. Given the fact that you’re excited, you must at least have an idea on the things you should know when travelling. Let me share to you my travel experiences that will surely help you especially for first-timers.

1. Make an itinerary/back-up plan. For those who will do a DIY travelling, I really do suggest to make an itinerary. It will guide you to accomplish something on your trip because it will only consume your time on thinking what to do/visit next. ALWAYS have a back-up plan. Like what happened on our last day in Palawan, the most highlight activity of our trip which is Underground river tour, was postponed due to weather conditions. Good thing, our agency helped us to look for an alternative activity. Unexpected things might happen on your trip so be sure to search ahead and have an alternative plan.

2. Travel light. Bring only the things you need, it’s more convenient if you will be on a trip with less luggage. Every time I travel, one good tip is always do rolled-fold clothes because it really saves more space. Also use smaller kit/bottles instead of bringing your lotion, perfume and others. Don’t waste space for unnecessary things, you have to be efficient as you can be. Additional to that, you can also have spaces for your souvenirs.

3. Wear proper clothes. Everyone wants to look good on their pictures that’s why sometimes we’re too conscious on what to wear on our trip. But of course, you have to consider the clothes you should wear because it might be too uncomfortable. Like when I was in Palawan, we’re supposedly having an underground river tour but suddenly changed into a zip line and forest adventure. Unfortunately, I wore sandals on that day and it was so uncomfortable because we walked up to the rocky forest. So you have to remember that you should wear comfortable clothes that suited on your trip.

4. Have an extra battery, power bank and/or extension cord. You might enjoy taking pictures, playing music along the way or keep on updating on your social media account and then something popped up on your screen saying “LOW BATTERY or CONNECT CHARGER”. The most frustrating thing that you might encounter on your trip, so be sure to bring extra battery or power bank. I know you don’t want to end up your trip without any #selfie, #relationshipgoals or #squadgoals. Also bring an extension cord, you might have a lot of gadgets or your friends need to charge their own gadgets but you only have limited sockets on your room. Another tip, you can charge your phone through usb port on the tv on your room and on your charged laptop. And just don’t forget to full charge your phones/camera before going on a trip.

5. Bring plastic or eco bag. You should ave an extra plastic/bag for your wet or used clothes and for some things that you need to bring on your way home. Also the main purpose of the plastic/bag is for your trash, please never ever leave your trash on the beach, mountain or somewhere. It’s just one of the easiest thing that we could help in our environment.

6. First aid kit/medicines. It’s very important that you should prepare yourself for some instances that may occur because we don’t know what might happen along the way but at least you have first aid kit/medicines that you can use.

7. “TOP 3 PRIORITIES Rule”. It means that you have to think and check your top 3 things if you already have them before you leave your house/room. Since I’m a bit forgetful, I set and check my top 3 things I should not forget. ‘Cause it happened to me in Palawan again when I left my money on my other bag. We were going in an island hopping adventure with no money and I noticed it when we were almost near the port. And also when I had my solo trip in Antipolo, i left my monopod at home. I really had a hard time on taking a shot of myself with the view. You have to set your top priorities, it can be 3, 4 or 5 things you need when you’re going on a trip. It might be your wallet, phone, passport, charger or whatever it is. It’s up to you. So before you leave, check your top 3 things you should not forget or those thing should be on your bag already.

8. “TRY IT Rule”. It only means that never be afraid to try different activities. Do something that you’ve never done before to make it as one of your memorable trip. I made this rule for myself because I don’t want to regret on something I didn’t tried when there was a chance. I came up with this when I had an experience in Universal Studio Singapore, I didn’t tried one of their interesting ride only because I don’t want to get wet and I really regret it up until now. That’s why I always bear in mind that every time I go somewhere, I think of it as if it is a my once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s also way of overcoming your fears because I tried some activities that I didn’t expect that I’ll be able to do. It’s an achievement when you’ve done something you’re afraid of. This rule can also be apply in your life too. If there’s a chance, don’t hesitate to grab it. If you didn’t succeed, it’s fine. At least you tried.

I hope you gain something from my blog. ☺️

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